2022 Green Party of Ontario Platform

Shelby Bertrand is a public servant taking a break from her career to pursue a Master’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Ottawa. She moved to Ottawa Centre seven years ago and fell in love with the community’s vibrant, diverse population and its active civil society. Shelby has previously run twice for federal office, and is excited to bring her passion to the Green Party of Ontario.

Shelby’s compassionate activism has been shaped by her experience with Crohn’s disease, and her work with residential school survivors in the public service. Among the issues that are front of mind for her are affordable housing, reliable and accessible mental health services, and justice for Indigenous communities. She is a voracious reader who shares her small apartment with boisterous rescue budgies and many books.

Shelby and the Green Party have a plan for Ontario to:

Shelby Bertand, Ottawa Citizen Op-ed

‘We cannot solve the health care, climate and housing crises without approaching all three in tandem’

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