Donation Policy

Please read before donating:

To replace corporate power with people power, we are reforming campaign fundraising:

The Shelby Bertrand campaign is against the influence of big money in campaign finance by invoking the principles of Donations Transparency and Small Donor Fundraising.

  • Our self-imposed maximum donation is $1,200, below the legislated maximum of $3,325, but on par with the 2018 donation limits before they were raised. The Green Party of Ontario would lower limits to $1000.
  • Our Donation Database discloses every campaign donation of $200 and above, so that you can follow the money before you vote.
  • We are empowering small donors with 1:6 dollar matching. Every dollar you donate will be matched by six dollars from our matching fund. For example, a $10 donation will be matched by $60, providing the campaign with $70 to elect Shelby!
  • For donations of $100 or more, please contact the campaign and ask about contributing to our matching fund.